TNF-AKHUWAT School Model Admission

TNF – AKHUWAT Boarding School Faisalabad

Admission open :

TNF-AKHUWAT School Model Admission

How to apply ?

Via : The Noorani Foundation

  • To search for little bundles of land (between 4 to 6 sections of land), ideally gave, and assemble independent private schools including homerooms, labs, inns, eating lobby/kitchen, sports foundation and educator/staff accomodation. The structure configuration would be smaller, independent and minimal expense, without compromising solace, security and cleanliness. Private convenience for staff is an indispensable part, to guarantee nonstop management and ‘tarbiat’ of the understudies, being a private school. TNF/Akhuwat schools will concede youngsters solely after Class 5 and instruct them till Matric, a time of five years, enough to have an enduring effect on the kid. Strict training will be an indispensable piece of the educational plan.Cutting edge innovation will be utilized for instructing through web/PCs and other current apparatuses. In class 9 and 10 Vocational preparation will be join to guarantee employability of least fortunate of poor people, in the wake of leaving school,if they can’t proceed with their schooling further .

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